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Roland Rubix24 USB Audio Interface

Artikelnr.: 1000007804

2 Ein- & 4 Ausgänge / 24-bit/192kHz / 2 Mikrovorverstärker / Kompressor/Limiter

Roland Rubix24 USB Audio Interface
Roland Rubix24 USB Audio Interface
Roland Rubix24 USB Audio Interface
Roland Rubix24 USB Audio Interface
Roland Rubix24 USB Audio Interface
Roland Rubix24 USB Audio Interface
Roland Rubix24 USB Audio Interface
Roland Rubix24 USB Audio Interface
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Roland RUBIX24 - High-Resolution Interface für Mac, PC und IPad mit 2 Eingängen und 4 Ausgängen

Das RUBIX24 bietet die perfekte Kombination aus Hi-Fi Sound, robuster Verarbeitung, kompakten Abmessungen, bezahlbarem Preis und wichtigen Features für aktuelle Musiker und Producer. Es unterstützt hochauflösendes Audiomaterial bis 24-bit/192 kHz, verfügt über einen klaren und wohldefinierten Klang und wurde optimiert, um die Störgeräusche zwischen Ein- und Ausgang extrem gering zu halten. Es verfügt über universelle USB-Unterstützung, was heißt, dass es sich nahtlos in PC- und Mac-Arbeitsumgebungen integriert und sogar mit dem iPad funktioniert – perfekt für Musikproduktion und Performances unterwegs.

Studio-grade sound you can take anywhere
Nothing is more important than sound quality when it comes to audio interfaces. And you shouldn’t have to sacrifice sound quality to have an affordable interface that you can take with you. Rubix24 sounds clean and detailed with transparent, low noise mic preamps and supports audio resolutions up 24-bit/192kHz. It’s made of durable metal, and a lot went into its compact, low-noise design. With all the places Rubix24 can go, you’ll appreciate its extensive shielding and ground lifts, making sure you get good clean audio just about anywhere.
Hardware compressor/limiter
Highly dynamic sources like vocalists and percussion instruments often need taming, especially when recording on location. Dynamics processors help ensure a good hot signal without clipping and causing unwanted distortion. Rubix24's built-on compressor/limiter provides peace of mind in the heat of a recording session.
Built for Mac, PC and iPad
Rubix24 is ultra-portable and ultra-flexible. It has low latency class compliant drivers for Mac and PC, so it's simple to get up and running with smooth, reliable audio performance. And it also supports iPad giving you an extremely compact system for on-location recording, on-the-go production, or live performance. It even includes Ableton Live Lite, powerful studio production and live performance software that works perfectly with Rubix24, right out of the box.
2 high quality mic preamps and 4 separate outputs
Rubix24’s dual microphone preamps are designed for low noise and high definition. They sound clean and transparent with plenty of headroom for capturing all the impact and detail of whatever you’re recording. And the flexible combo jacks mean you can easily connect a wide variety of sources without the need for adapters or special cables. Four individual outputs mean you can create more sophisticated routing and monitoring setups. This is useful for sending a click track to a performer, setting up a stage monitor, or routing audio to external gear.
Big, clear level indicators
Studios and stages can be dark places, and getting proper levels is critical. You want to focus on the performance, not on small, hard-to-see clip and level indicators from across the room. Rubix24 has highly visible indicators that are an integral part of its design. They clearly show if a channel has incoming signal, or if you’re going to overload, even from a distance.
• USB-Audio Interface mit zwei Eingängen und vier Ausgängen
• 2 geräuscharme Mikrofonvorverstärker mit XLR Combo-Buchsen
• Hi-Z Eingang für Gitarren und andere hochohmige Quellen
• Hardware-Kompressor/Limiter
• MIDI In/Out Ports
• Extrem abgeschirmtes, geräuscharmes Design
• Robustes und kompaktes Metallgehäuse
• Große, gut lesbare Anzeigen für wichtige Informationen
• Geringe Latenz, Class Compliant-Treiber
• Masse-Erdung für leisen Betrieb an jedem Veranstaltungsort
• Enthält Ableton Live Lite
• RUBIX24 
• Setup Guide
• USB Kabel
• Ableton Live Lite Seriennummern-Karte
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