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Aputure Light OctaDome 120 (APA0226A30)

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120cm Ø Softbox / für Bowens Mount / Dual Diffuser / 8-seitig octagonal

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Aputure Light OctaDome 120 (APA0226A30)

  • 120cm (3.94ft) Bowens Mount Circular Softbox
  • 53.5cm (21.06in) Depth
  • 8-Sided Octagonal Design
  • Lightweight: 1.7kg (3.75lbs)
  • Portable: Packs Flat for Travel
  • Incredible Soft Light Quality
  • Two Quality Diffusion Fabrics (1.5 Stop & 2.5 Stop)
  • 45° Fabric Light Control Grid
  • Compatible with Bowens Mount LED lights, such as the Aputure LS 1200d Pro, 600x Pro, 600d Pro, 300d II, 300x, etc.
  • Includes Carrying Bag & Lightweight Speedring

The Light OctaDome 120 is a 120cm (47.2in) Bowens Mount Octagonal Softbox. This 8-sided softbox transforms any point source Bowens Mount light fixture into an ultra-soft area light, blanketing your set in diffused light. Its large 120cm diameter also pairs perfectly with high-output fixtures to create the ultimate soft source, such as the Aputure LS 1200d Pro, 600d Pro, or 600x Pro. The Light OctaDome 120 includes two diffusion strengths (1.5 and 2.5 stops) and an inner baffle to allow users to fine-tune their intensity and light quality. Its 8-sided structure also makes it the perfect softbox for on-the-go shooting, combining its flat-pack ability, lightweight construction at only 1.7kg (3.75lbs), and the ideal balance between a square frame or a fully circular softbox.

  • Light Dome 120 Softbox
  • Inner Baffle (1.5 Stop)
  • Front Diffusion 1 (1.5 Stop)
  • Front Diffusion 2 (2.5 Stop)
  • Fabric Light Control Grid (45°)
  • Speed Ring Adapter
  • Carrying Bag

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