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Sigma Tele-Konverter TC-1401 Canon

Artikelnr.: 1000005064

7 Elemente / 5 Gruppen / Gewicht 190 g

Verfügbarkeit Lieferzeit etwa 5-10 Werktage.
343,91 € 337,03 € 283,22 €

Sigma Tele Converter TC-1401 Canon

The SIGMA TELE CONVERTER is developed exclusively for the new lens lines. By mounting it in between a telephoto lens and a camera, the offered magnification of focal length of TC-1401 is 1.4 times and that of TC-2001 is 2 times respectively.

Both models incorporate SLD (Special Low Dispersion) glass elements that offer excellent aberration correction. It is exceptional for a lens accessory to use one of the best glass materials, yet this is because SIGMA is seeking for the best image quality, and it is necessary to meet the new "SGV" standards. It is suitable for professional use since its durable construction is dust and splash-proof. It is compact and light, and provides easy extension of focal range.

Technische Daten

Produktbezeichnung TC-1401
Kameraanschluss Canon EF-Mount
Optischer Aufbau 7 Linsen in 5 Gruppen
Abmessungen  ca. 69,8 x 25 mm
Gewicht  ca. 190 g
Mitgeliefertes Zubehör Frontdeckel, Rückdeckel
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