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Porta Brace CBA-PDW700

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Porta Brace CBA-PDW700
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The Porta Brace CBA-PDW700 Camera Body Armor (Signature Blue) is a snug-fitting jacket made of a water-resistant, highly abrasion-resistant, soft-feel fabric that protects the Sony PDW-700 XDCAM HD422 camcorder from bumps, hits and scratches. It also reduces the risk of camcorder damage due to precipitation, dust, and other harsh conditions. The back end is expandable to accommodate various sizes of batteries and wireless microphone combinations. The armor includes a reversible Rain Top cover; the top is white (reflective) on one side for hot, dry, sunny situations, while the black side is useful to absorb the sun's warmth under cold conditions. The camera body armor is loaded onto the camera using touch fasteners and web cinchers.

Geschütztes Equipment:
Sony HDW-650F Sony PDW-700 Sony PDW-F800

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