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Kessler elektraDRIVE ORACLE Controller (MC1004)

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Kessler elektraDRIVE ORACLE™ Controller (MC1004)

The elektraDRIVE ORACLE™ Control System is the core of our elektraDRIVE line of products. The ORACLE Control System is interchangeable between multiple products like our REVOLUTION/Rev2 Head and elektraDRIVE motor pods for Kessler sliders.

SmartLapse provdes users the ability to program ramped and intricate timelapse moves simply by recording moves manually in real-time with the Oracle controller and then playing the move back at a much slower rate

Joystick Control
The joystick control of the ORACLE is designed for use with the Revolution Head 2 and manual operation with the elektraDRIVE slider motors. With accurate movement and real-time control it's the perfect tool for live performances or run-and-gun motion control shots

Integrated intervalometer with stand alone, continuous motion, shoot-move-shoot, & stop motion modes (requires Camera Control Module accessory)

Independent Axis Control
You can use the tilt and slider function independently with the same controller. You will need the Crossover Cable & Coupler to access the pan function while using the slider.

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(1) ORACLE Controller
(1) AC Netzteil 100V/240V (50-60Hz, 1.4A)
(1) CAT5 Kabel (7,5 m / 25 ft.)
(1) CAT5 Splitter (1 to 2 way)

*Mechanische Komponenten besitzen Lebenslange Hersteller-Garantie, Elektronische Komponenten haben 1 Jahr Garantie.

680 g (1.5 lbs)
15×10×14 cm (6×4×5.5 inch)
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