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Cartoni FOCUS 18 3-St StabilO CF System (KF18-3CS)

Artikelnr.: 1000011080

Traglast bis zu 18kg / 100 mm / Carbonfaser / Maximale Höhe 193cm

Verfügbar in etwa 10-15 Werktagen.
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Cartoni FOCUS 18 3-St StabilO CF System (KF18-3CS)


Focus 18 Fluidkopf mit 1 Handgriff und Carbonfaser-Stativ Stabilo (3 Stufen). System inklusive Softbag.

Focus 18
Built of magnesium alloy and aluminum the Focus 18 Fluid Head is specifically designed for ENG digital camcorders weighing from 6 to 18 kg (13,2 to 40 lbs). CARTONI has employed the latest in design technology to offer a Fluid Head which is extremely rugged, lightweight and cost-effective. Focus 18 offers a host of advanced features including infinitely adjustable tension settings, Euro-style quick release camera plate and switchable illuminated bubble level. The award-winning, patented Fluid dampening system ensures consistent drag levels and smooth camera movements throughout the range. Featuring an infinitely variable counterbalance with easily-readable numerical reference, the 18 provides excellent performances at any tilt angle from +90 to -70 degrees (-90 with sliding base plate).

Stabilo Tripod CF100
A new entry in the CARTONI Tripod line, the professional Stabilo 3 stages ENG ultra-light carbon fiber is an extremely compact, lightweight Tripod that folds to a short 63,5 cm (25 in) making it a perfect compact carry-on or backpack friendly. The Stabilo extends to an amazing maximum height of 182,5 cm (72 in) to a minimum of 22,5 cm (8,8 in) in low-mode. Extension is secured by 3 rotating grips on each leg while each leg can be set to 3 different angle locks, clearly indicated on each side of the leg attachment, with no need of a spreader to keep position. The new Stabilo goes with a standard 100 mm or 75 mm bowl diameter.

• Focus 18 Kopf HF1800 (1 Schwenkarm)
• ENG StabilO 3-St CF Stativ T640/C1
• Tragetasche C103

Technische Daten

6.5 kg / 14 lbs
18 kg / 40 lbs
Minimale Höhe
38 cm / 15"
Maximale Höhe
193 cm / 76"
Anzahl Segmente
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