Workshop Filmmaking Masterclass in Spain

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Workshop Masterclass
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The Filmmaking Masterclass is a unique kind of workshop. Three full days. Intensive hands-on shooting. Exclusive locations. You MAKE a film!

Coaches are our dear frineds:
- Philip Bloom from London, United Kingdom
- Sebastian Wiegärtner from Nuremberg, Germany
- Nino Leitner from Vienna, Austria

Dates: June 29 – July 01, 2012

Masterclass Venue: Colonia Sant Jordi Club , Majorca, Spain:
Colonia Sant Jordi Resort and Spa , Camino de los Estanques S/N 07638, Colonia de Sant Jordi, MALLORCA, Illes Balears, Spain.

Price: Only for the Course! Flight needs to be booked on own cost. Hotel room needs to be booked directly at the hotel.
We recommend booking 4 nights at the hotel, with arrival one day before the course starts, and departure on the day after the last workshop day – the Masterclass lasts 3 full days!

The main focus of this intensive 3-day Masterclass will be TELLING STORIES in different genres.

Philip Bloom, Nino Leitner & Sebastian Wiegärtner will teach you the intricate details of practical shooting in a truly unique setting.

It’s about getting the best out of your equipment, but especially developing your skills. It’s about techniques, which cannot be learned from a book or the Internet.

There is hardly anyone doing more camera workshops than Philip Bloom – he is constantly traveling the world, sharing his knowledge.
So it is pretty remarkable Philip said of last year’s Majorca Masterclass, “Seriously best workshop ever. Theory, shooting and post. Had such fun. Thanks to everyone. Six great films!”

There will be seminars on various subjects of commercial filmmaking – of course also about the cameras, featuring all relevant Video DSLRs, the brand-new Canon C300, the Sony F3, the FS100.
You will be able to try and compare all of these cameras on the spot, and we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each!

Depending on the location, the Masterclasses are focusing on different themes, with additional seminars . Click on the individual dates & locations to learn more.

We encourage aspiring DPs, directors, and people who shoot films for a living (or strive to do so) to come and join us. We will NOT be covering basics, this will be an intermediary and advanced workshop.

To cover the basics, attendees will receive detailed digital textbooks / PDFs a few weeks before the course starts, containing all the concentrated basics for large-sensor cameras and HDSLR filmmaking. This leaves more time focusing on advanced shooting techniques and practical shooting during each Masterclass.
- Philip Bloom aus London, Großbritannien
- Sebastian Wiegärtner aus Nürnberg, Deutschland
- Nino Leitner aus Wien, Österreich

Workshop content::
Attendees will be split into groups, with each group shooting & editing their own narrative or documentary short, commercial or corporate film on a subject inspired by a prop or location we handpick for them. Philip Bloom, Nino Leitner and Sebastian Wiegärtner will tutor the individual groups out in the field, with Philip rotating between the groups. We will tell you anything you need to know about the different large sensor cameras (C300, FS100, F3 …) and DSLRs (Canon, Sony, Panasonic) that you need to know!

We will have a professional script consultant, Ines Häufler, as an additional tutor. She will do a session on storytelling techniques on the first day, and tutor the individual groups with their basic idea in the afternoon – and then it’s time to shoot!

On the second day, there will be optional storytelling seminars on different subjects – documentary, narrative shorts, corporate films – anyone who wants can go, or you continue shooting!
Philip, Nino & Sebastian will also do optional seminars on lighting, corporate filmmaking, timelapsing and other fields, which can be attended by anyone. An exact seminar list will be posted in the coming weeks.

At the end of the three full days, the participants will go home with a finished piece, lots of new knowledge and certainly a lot of great new contacts!

General course contents:
- Know your camera – DSLRs & large sensor cameras
- Sound, sound, sound
- Gear hands-on
- Approaching a shoot & planning
- Camera movement, framing & shot sizes
- LOTS of practical shooting
- Timelapsing – shooting & post
- Advanced interviewing techniques
- Post Production – Editing & color grading

- Storytelling techniques – an introduction, by Ines Häufler
- Picking a subject for your documentary, finding a theme for a narrative short or corporate film / commercial
- Scouting locations in and around the hotel, splitting up in groups
- Cinematic storytelling with the right choice of lenses, camera positioning and lighting
- Individual storytelling tutoring by Ines Häufler with each single group, helping you optimize your storytelling
- Optional storytelling seminars going more in-depth for different film genres: narrative shorts, documentary and corporate film
- Optional seminar on the intricacies of corporate filmmaking
- Shooting your creative film (short documentary, narrative or “beauty” film) in a group
- Post production, finishing & assessing the final product with other groups