TV Logic EVF-035W-3G Electronic Viewfinder

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Alphatron Electronic Viewfinder EVF-035W-3G by TV Logic

Electronic View Finder EVF-035W-3G

High Definition 3G Electronic View Finder developed and manufactured by TVLogic.

Perfect match with Blackmagic Cinema Camera
The Alphatron EVF-035W-3G can be used with a wide range of cameras thanks to it's HD-SDi and HDMI inputs. Where all pervious 3rd party EVF’s came on the market with HDMI support only, the Alphatron EVF is a unique technological innovation! HD-SDI input makes it suitable for the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera without using any intervening converter. The Alphatron EVF gives BMCC operators the comfort, monitoring versatility and enables extremely fast and precise focusing!

Ideal alternative for Sony PMW-F5 / F55 viewfinders

One of Alphatron's EVF perfect matches is »TheNewF« Sony PMW-F5 or F55 camera. It's the ideal alternative to Sony DVF-EL100 and DVF-L350 viewfinders. The Alphatron EVF is less then half the price of the Sony L350 and one third the price of the EL100.


- Magnesium Housing-Light Weight
- Retina LCD Display; 3,54” (960x640, 16:9)
- 160°(H) / 160°(V)
- HDMI Input & Output
- Various Scan Mode
- Lens Shutter for protection of the EVF LCD Monitor
- Internal Colourbar + Pluge Pattern
- HDMI~HDMI A. Loop Through
- SDI~SDI A. Loop Through
- Phone Jack for Calibration
- Waveform / Vectorscope (Firmware V.06)

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