ABC DSLR-Light Jib

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ABC-Products DSLR-Light Jib
The DSLR Light-Jib is a very light-weight and flexible jib arm that additionally to a standard jib
also includes an automatic tilting system that further enhances its shooting capabilities.

Owing to its small packing size and its reduced weight of only 3.9 kg thanks to carbon tubes,
the jib is designed for quick and easy use like all ABC Products equipment.

Moreover, the extremely short assembly time of only a few seconds and a QuickPin system allow a rapid change of location
and camera angle.

Not only do the boom length of 1.52 m and a payload capacity of 4.5 make it an extremely versatile piece of equipment,
the jib provides a range of advantages:

• A telescopic counterweight rod allows quick and easy balancing of the Light-Jib, the rod is designed for fitting standard body-building weights!
• The counterweights are secured via a special cork handle. Additionally this enables easy control of the Light-Jib movement.
• Another handle with a tool-less tightening system can be positioned almost anywhere on the Jib!
• The camera angle can be set at infinite positions or levels, the parallelogram bar will keep the set angle during the movement of the jib!
• The jib head can also be set to tilt automatically, the angle of the tilt is pre-selectable.
• A unique swivel system allows the Light-Jib to slide smoothly and avoids any disturbing swinging during movement and stopping!

Package includes
• Carbon Jib-Arm including tilt head , ¼“ camera screw and centerpiece with integrated horizontal and vertical brake
• Integrated bubble level in crane centerpiece
• Adaptor for 75/100mm tripod
• Monitor holder with ¼“ screw
• Cork handle
• 2x quick-pins for mounting the crane
• Carrying bag
• User manual

The camera, the monitor and the tripod are not included in this package!

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