Canon LP-E6 Battery for Canon Eos 5D Mark II / III

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Canon LP-E6 Battery

The Canon LP-E6 Rechargeable Lithium-ion electric battery Pack, has a electrical capacity of 1800 mAh, so it's possible to photograph up to 850 shootings at normal temperatures on an individual battery charge. The electric battery is as well more compact and more lite in weight than former electric battery models.

The Canon LP-E6 electric battery as well conveys with the EOS 5D Mark II Digital photographic camera, so that you are able to all of the time check the unexhausted electrical capacity on the photographic camera's power source info screen. Additionally, a unique characteristic of the Canon LP-E6 electric battery pack is that it features a silicon chip encrypted with an 8-character serial number. So when the electric battery pack is set up in the photographic camera, you are able to register it utilizing a menu command. Then track the condition and power features of up to 6 electric batteries in your photographic camera to assure you utilise your batteries equally and discover batteries that are near the end of their useful life.

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