Sony ECM-680 incl. Rycote Softie

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The ECM-680S is a short shotgun electret condenser microphone in MS stereo technology for various applications in the exterior and is also ideal for studio recordings. Incl. Fur-Windshield Rycote

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Sony Microphone ECM-680 This is an ECM-680 short shotgun electret condenser microphone with MS-Stereo Technology *, which for various applications in exterior and is also ideal for studio recordings. Through its built-in, newly developed microphone capsules, the ECM-680S offers excellent sensitivity, low inherent noise and a wide, flat frequency response. The most remarkable feature of the ECM-680S is the reversible operation between the mono-mode with high directivity and the stereo mode.
The mono-mode speech guarantees high directivity while is given in stereo mode with a natural surround sound audio. The compact, lightweight ECM-680S is ideal for use with a variety of professional camcorders from Sony. This makes it even more versatile is used, it can also be mounted on a microphone boom. Thanks to its outstanding quality and versatility, the ECM-680S is the first choice for quality audio recording applications.

Rycote Softie
The Rycote Softie is a fast, simple, robust and cost effective windbreak.
It reduces wind noise up to 25 dB with no adverse impact on the High-Frequency. The Rycote is not vulnerable to UV or moisture damage.

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