Kessler Stealth Slider including Soft Case

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Kessler Stealth Slider including Soft Case

The Stealth is a hybrid camera slider that combines the lightweight portable rail & carriage system of the Standard Pocket Dolly with the drag control of the Kessler CineSlider. Features include drag control, smooth rolling precision stainless steel ball bearing wheels and multiple mounting options.

The Stealth Slider is available in three lengths:

Stealth Mini = 21.25 inch
Stealth Traveler = 27.50 inch
Stealt Standard = 39,5.0 inch

The Stealth does not have a crank handle.

The Stealth is smoother than other linear sliders due to Kesslers ball bearing wheel design.

Plus, with the belt drive you have the option to go to full automation with the elektraDRIVE system that boasts features like time lapse, memory/motion playback, digital dampening and many more options that will make getting that perfect shot easy.

Be sure to order the camera mounting option of your choice. We have learned over time that different customers require different camera mounting options. For this reason, the Stealth comes ready to accept various mounting options from quick release assembly to flat mount adapters to attach a fluid head. You will need choose the mounting option of your choice, to mount a camera or fluid head to the Stealth. Have a look at the accessory section to find the mounting option that fills your needs

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