Kessler Stealth Slider + Soft Case (CS2-stealth+SC)

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Kessler Stealth Slider + Soft Case (CS2-stealth+SC)

The Stealth is a hybrid camera slider that combines the lightweight portable rail & carriage system of our Pocket Dolly™ with the drag control of our CineSlider™. The Stehlth can be operated manually or motorized providing versatility for specific applications.

The Stealth is both lightweight and compact and is extremely easy to set up. The Stealth can also be center-mounted to a tripod, eliminating the need for additional gear. The Stealth starts at 2,3 kg (5 lbs) for the smallest size.

Solid Build and Design
The Stealth was designed and built to last and can handle rigs up to 6,8 kg (15 lbs). Using the highest quality, custom made components ensure when you're ready to work, your Stealth is too.

Motion Control Ready
The Stealth s compatible for use with elektraDrive™, CineDrive™, and/or Second Shooter™ motion control systems. Adding a motion control system to your slider will increase precision in movement and provide a platform to capture professional time-lapse, stop-motion and live camera movement.

Adjustable Drag Control
Everyone knows how important fluid drag controls are to tripod heads, so why not add the same idea to a slider? Now you can have that same ultra-smooth resistance to control your motion ensuring a perfect shot.

Lifetime Warranty
Backed by manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty, Kessler Crane guarantees that the product is free from defects in material and workmanship, otherwise it will be fixed.

With the addition of the Parallax bar, easily add a panning axis to the slider.

In The Box
(1) Stealth Slider
(1) Soft Case
(1) 5/32" Hex Key
(4) 1/4-20x1/4 Flat Head Countersunk Screw

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