ZOOM H4n Handheld Audio Recorder - single unit, special price

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ZOOM H4n Handheld Audio Recorder std-1
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ZOOM H4n Handheld Audio Recorder
The SD card recorder with XLR inputs and phantom power supply has built-in microphones in XY configuration, which offer different polar patterns and a receiving angle of 90 or 120 degrees.
The H4n has three modes: stereo (Stamina), 4-channel and multi-track. Above the display shows three red LEDs on the selected mode.
Continues to provide the recorder Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) compliant time stamp and track marker functions, as well as auto-record and pre-record feature.

- Micro in X/Y stereo arrangement
- unmatched versatility from selectable recording patterns
- high resolution, 24-bit / 96-kHz linear PCM recording
- records to SD or SDHC
- phrase trainer with speed control playback
- low-cut filter and limiter for better recordings
- battery life up to 11 hours
- integrated reference speaker

- ZOOM H4n
- 1GB SD-card
- windbreak

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