Movietube Kinogrip for CR Basic Rig

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Kinomatik Kinogrip_neu
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The KINOgrip is an advanced version of the famous WALTERgrip.
It features a quick-snap-on interface, which fits 15mm to 19mm film to video bars and bars with no exchange of parentheses and brackets.
The Kinogrip has almost unlimited control position. The two handles are adjustable through the established quick-release levers Kinomatik without tools in two axes. You can also handle during use (on-the-fly adjust) and bring in a more suitable position. The handles can be tilted sideways (holding position), this feature is less stressful for the operator and is more comfortable for your wrists.

Record button module
The steel insert threads on the handle can be replaced by a module record button to start or stop the camera can, without having to move the rig.

• Quick snap-on interface for 15mm & 19mm rods
• Handle position Virtually unlimited rock-solid
• adjustable without tools
• lateral pivoting handle
• optional module record button
• Light and robust

This product was produced from the finest materials and has been designed with its extremely versatile features for the professional cameraman and camera assistant.

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