Vestek TP-10 Teleprompter

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Vestek TP-10 Teleprompter
Carved into stone of the TP 10 is suitable for stationary and mobile use and can be used with any computer or laptop with an additional VGA or TV output. He has a video and a VGA input. Carved into stone of the TP 10 impresses with its light weight, due to its rapid installation of all components.

The parts are CNC machined from solid aluminum powder coated or made of stainless steel. The teleprompter is horizontally and vertically. Thus it is suitable for the use of any kind broadcast camera as well as compact models.

Even on smaller tripods mounting is possible. The base of the prompt is mounted between the camera and tripod adapter plate using two 3 / 8 inch screw. As a mirror borofloat is used with a split 60/40, and the highest standards of HD production needs.

Since the teleprompter has a 12V connector, together with a laptop and the outdoor use (eg, EB-Team) is possible.

Delivery contents:
- Teleprompter with 10.4 "TFT-LCD display
- Tripod mount
- Adapter for compact cameras for height and distance compensation
- TFT-LCD Monitor
- Remote Control
- 1 × VGA input
- 12V (AC adapter, connection cable for 12V source)
- Telepromptersoftware vestekprompt

The camera and the tripod are not included in this package!

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