Panther MultiGlider for cameras up to 35 kg

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Panther MultiGlider
The MultiGlider is a camera-slider with an integrated and counter sliding weight. You can slide the camera horizontally or diagonally, once the camera weight (up to 35kg) is balanced. This ensures smooth and perfect camera control. Stainless Steel wheels guarantees silence and low rolling resistance. An integrated brake system keeps the camera in a given position. The MultiGliders length of 200cm (6,5 ft.) covers most camera shots.

Its central pivot section with integrated pan brake can be rotated 360° and fits to any 100mm tripod or to any 150mm tripod with an adapter. Sliding the camera can be remote controlled via a crank.
Optional Camera mounts are 75-, 100-, 150mm bowl or Mitchell.

The MultiGlider even serves as a JibArm when mounted with balance rod. Cameras level can be adjusted with the balance rod in parallel, or automatic-tilt mode.
It is used as a Dolly when placed on floor or on table.

The MultiGlider is a versatile Tool, reducing the amount of gear on set.

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