Ross CrossOver 16 1 ME Video mixer

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Ross CrossOver 16 1 ME Video mixer
All models of CrossOver feature a breadth of capabilities that make these switchers unique in their class.

The Ultimate Crossover, the same rugged reliability but with additional control features; It has 16 source buttons for instant selection without shifting and beautiful full color mnemonics for source and key naming.
It also has a 3-Axis joystick positioner as well as additional buttons in the transition area for direct access to advanced media wipes.

- 3 Keyers
- 12 Multi-definition HD-SDI inputs
- 16 source selection buttons
- Durable 3-Axis joystick positioner
- 4 ch. Media Store with 4GB of memory
- 10 Input multi-viewer
- UltraChromeTM Chroma Keyer

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