Edirol V-440HD HD/SD Video Mixer

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Datavideo V-440 HD standard (1)
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V-440HD HD/SD Video Mixer

Mix Up all formats of video signal

A Multi Format Video Mixer with affordable price.This can mix all available video signals. HD video(1080i or 720p), SD Video(NTSC or PAL)and RGB signal(upto SXGA). Up to 8 channels can be input (4SD + 4HD or RGB)Multiple units connectable for multi screen outputs.

  • Mix multiformat signals: Capable of mixing SD video, HD video and RGB signal from computers.
  • Choice of output format: Selectable output format; 1080i or 720p for HDTV or RGB for computer display.
  • Seamless mixing/switching: Seamless mixing or switching of different signal formats with simple operation.
  • Simple effects control: Simple button and dial operation to select type/time of transition effect. Intuitive setup of PinP and SD/HD Keyers.
  • Connect multiple units: With thru outputs and MIDI sync, multiple units can be connected for output to multiple screens (video walls).
  • Remote controllable: V-LINK for control from any Roland/EDIROL musical intruments; RS-232C for computer control.

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