Datavideo SE-500

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4 Input Analogue Mixer / Switcher

4 Channel Vision Mixer featuring S-Video (Y/C) and Composite video inputs.
Features include Dissolve, Fade, Wipes, Splits, PIP and Colour Processor.
Channels are internally synced via a built in dual channel TBC 4:2:2 frame synchroniser. Component (YUV) via breakout cable, S-Video (Y/C) or Composite Video output.
The SE-500 uniquely displays all 4 input sources via a single quad output including a Tally Light indicator on each input meaning the user only needs 2 video monitors – one for all inputs, one for output. The input display will also automatically change to preview the next transition if selected.
The unit can be manually operated or controlled via RS-232 interface. Ideal for Schools, Seminars, Small Studios, Clubs and Pubs.


- 4 Channel Analogue Vision Mixer
- S-Video (Y/C) or Composite Video Inputs
- Component YUV / S-Video (Y/C) / 2 × Composite Video Outputs
- 1 × Stereo (Unbalanced) 2 × Microphone Inputs
- Stereo (Unbalanced) Output
- Quad View Input display output
- Tally Display
- Preview output
- Smooth T-bar Control
- Dual channel TBC 4:2:2 Frame Synchroniser
- Tally Light Output

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