Datavideo MS-500

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Mobile Studio

The Datavideo MS-500 is a one box solution designed around the SE-500 4-channel vision switcher. The MS-500 system is both flexible and affordable, with specifications that can meet any budget or demand and is perfect for applications within education, places of worship, internet streaming, event & live staging conferences and many more. The whole system is fully integrated with the ITC-100 for talkback / intercom, TLM-702 for SE-500 unique quad preview, next source and main output monitoring.
Easy setup & break down on location. One box solution for “live in seconds” at any Conference, Studio, Outside Broadcast or Internet Streaming. Output options include: Component (Y.U.V) which could be connected to a DVD recorder or projector.

Components Included:

  • SE-500 Digital Analogue Mixer/Switcher: 4-input Y/C (S-Video), Composite Video switcher with unique quad pre-view output, allows display of all 4 sources on a single monitor. On-screen tally light Indication.
  • TLM-702 - 2x7" LCD Monitor: Provides next source and master output monitoring
  • ITC-100 - Intercom System: 8-channel full duplex talkback/intercom system. Supplied complete with 4 × cameraman beltpack, headset/microphone & tally indicators.

Accessories Included

  • ITC-100SL Belt Packs: Cameraman slave unit with connection for microphone headset and tally light (supplied with carrying case).
  • MC-2/LP-1 Microphone & Light: XLR Gooseneck microphone and XLR Gooseneck light.
  • CB-3 20 Metre Intercom Cable: 20 Metre intercom cable (cascade up to 200 metres).
  • TD-1 Tally Indicator: Tally indicator for cameraman and actor (supplied strap for easy mounting to viewfinder or wrist).
  • MC-1 Microphone Headset: Headphone and microphone set (standard headphone jack connection).
  • CB-7 Tally Cable: Connecting ITC-100SL (cameraman slave unit) with TD-1 (tally indicator).

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