Vinten Vision 8AS with Spreader

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Vinten V8AS-AP1F standard (1)
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The Vision 8AS is designed to offer exceptional versatility for the latest portable digital camera configurations used in professional broadcast, educational and corporate productions.
With an extensive camera capacity the Vision 8AS is perfect for the lightweight user who needs support for a higher specification camera system. Combined with Vinten’s Perfect Balance and LF drag technology, thismakes the Vision 8 the ideal tool for a large number of applications.


- Vision 8AS
- Single-Stage Aluminium Pozi-Loc Tripod
- Spreader
- Soft Case


- Vision 8AS
- Single-Stage CF Pozi-Loc Tripod
- Spreader
- Soft Case


- Vision 8
- Two-Stage Aluminium Pozi-Loc Tripod
- Spreader
- Soft Case


- Vision 8
- Two-Stage CF Pozi-Loc Tripod
- Spreader
- Soft Case

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