Bebob Zoomgrip ZOE NG

Available immediateley, delivery about 1-5 days.
Zoomgriff ZOE III detail a
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Still three more essential parts were improved: the design was adjusted to the new Zoe-line with all it’s advantages: protection of the speed wheels, ergonomic shape of the rocker switch and better clamp.

The special shape of the rocker switch allows you to put your thumb at three different places: middle, right or left. In any situation, you will find a position for your finger where you can use the Zoe in a precise but comfortable way.

The zoom-switch housing is made of fibre glass reinforced polycarbonate, which makes the Zoe-III nearly unbreakable. All of the buttons are protected from rainwater by a plastic protective layer.

ZOE-ENG can be delivered in three different configurations:
- ZOE-ENG8 für Canon, Fujinon & Angenieux Lenses
- ZOE-ENG12 für Fujinon Broadcast Lenses

For use with a crane, extension cables in lengths of 3,5 m up to 60 m are available.

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