MOVIEtube ST „Ready to shoot“

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Movietube ST standard 1
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This Set consists of the following products:

• MOVIEtube ST
• with PL-Mount
• HVX Ring, EX1/3 Ring
• Nikon Mount
• (No Case)

The MOVIEtube ST is the high-end version of the MOVIEtube product range.

The MOVIEtube by KINOMATIK allows miniDV, HDV, and small HD cameras to achieve the same depth of field, imaging characteristics, and viewing angle as the 35mm film format. The MOVIEtube lens adapter is compatible with the Panasonic DVX100 and HVX200, as well as Sony’s Z5 and EX1.

MOVIEtube is solidly constructed to withstand the rigors of field production. With no moving parts, no audible noise, and no need for an additional power source, the MOVIEtube provides a high-resolution image with an even distribution of light. The interchangeable lens mount system allows for the direct mounting of all film lenses in Arri PL or Panavision mount, as well as 35mm still lenses mounted in Canon FD, Leica R, M42, Minolta, Nikon, and Zeiss Contax.

The MOVIEtubeST includes:
Image tube
15mm rods
Docking bridge
Integrated ENG tripod adapter plate / shoulder pad
Three pistol grips for low shots and standard handholding
Connector to attach a Sony compatible viewfinder
Arri connector for wireless follow-focus, wireless image transmitters, and other accessories

Recommended producer price: 11450.00 Euro.

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