Sony HVR-M15AE

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HVR-M15E Compact HDV VTR

The most compact HDV capable VTR in the Sony range

In addition to providing HDV1080i recording and playback, the HVR-M15E also supports both DVCAM and DV formats providing users the ability to work with both standard definition and high definition content. The HVR-M15E is also compatible with standard size cassettes. The DigitalMaster ? cassette can provide over 4 hours recording of HDV content - the ideal choice when longer recording times are required.

The compact dimensions of the HVR-M15E means that it can be positioned either horizontally or vertically depending on individual needs, whilst its simple design makes it very easy to use.As with all HDV products, the HVR-M15E has the added benefit of 2 year Silver Support warranty - providing additional piece of mind.


HDV/DVCAM/DV Compatible
The HVR-M15E can switch between HDV 1080i, DVCAM and DV recording and play back, providing full flexibility to record and play back either Standard or High Definition depending on production needs.

Dual-size Cassette Mechanism
The HVR-M15E accepts both standard and mini size HDV, DVCAM, and DV cassettes without using any special adaptor. It allows for HDV recording for up to 276 minutes with a DigitalMaster? Cassette - ideal when longer recoding times are required.

Down-conversion Capabilities
The HVR-M15E allows down conversion from HDV1080i format. Analogue outputs (component/S-Video/Composite) and the i.LINK interface can provide a standard definition signal in either DVCAM or DV if required.

50/60Hz Switchable
The HVR-M15E is compatible with both 50 and 60 Hz use - providing greater user flexibility to make and edit productions on a worldwide basis.

Compact & Simple Design
The compact dimensions of the HVR-M15E mean that it can be used even when workspace is at a premium, and its simple layout means that it is easy to use.

The HVR-M15E is equipped with HDV/DV IN TC, enabling time code synchronization with external equipment - ideal when dubbing tapes or recording to tapes with material edited by nonlinear editing systems.

Menu button
The HVR-M15E offers a menu button. This enables quick menu access without the need of a remote control.

Auto Repeat
The HVR-M15E has an Auto Repeat function that enables it to repeatedly play back a program. Just after the HVR-M15E reaches the end of the tape, it automatically rewinds the tape and repeats the playback.

TC Reset
The HVR-M15E can reset the time code value to 00:00:00:00 via either menu or wireless remote control.

Supplied Accessories

- Operation Manual
- Cleaning Cassette
- 2 × AA size batteries
- Stand (for vertical mounting)
- Power Cord
- AC-L15A AC Adaptor
- RMT-DS5 Remote Commander

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