A.F. Marcotec reports: £1M theft (Canon C300 EF, Sony F3l an more ) from CVP

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If the goods aren’t recovered by the Police then it is very likely that this equipment will end up on the open market. Therefore we from A.F. Marcotec ask you for your support.

Please inform the Police, A.F. Marcotec or CVP if sombody offers you pat of the stolen equipment.

To safegard customers from the associated risks CVP have launched an on-line Stolen Equipment Register.

You can easily enter as serial number and ascertain whether it’s been stolen from us or reported as stolen from elsewhere.

Stolen items that include:

•Sony CBK-VF01 (10)
•Sony DTF2GY-8240UWD (1)
•Sony HDVF-20A (6)
•Sony HKSR-5804 (4)
•Sony HVR-Z5E (7)
•Sony HVR-Z7E (5)
•Sony HXR-NX5E (4)
•Sony NEX-FS100E/CEH (5)
•Sony NEX-FS100EK (1)
•Sony PDW-700//U (2)
•Sony PMW-EX1R (6)
•Sony PMW-EX3 (2)
•Sony PMW-F3L (9)
•Sony PVM-740 (2)
•Sony PVM-740.A (9)
•Sony UVW-1600P (1)
•Sony UVW-1800P (1)
•Canon EOS 60D Body (1)
•Canon EOS 7D Body (6)
•Canon EOS C300 EF (5)
•Canon XF100 (1)
•Canon XF105 (32)
•Canon XF300 (6)
•Canon XF305 (34)
•Canon XH-A1S (5)
•Sennheiser SKM5200BK-D (1)

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