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RED SCARLET-X AL Canon Mount Package

SCARLET-X (ALUMINUM CANON MOUNT) is a motion/still hybrid camera and is the latest edition to RED’s DSMC line. Made in the USA. .

Scarlet-X comes standard with a Canon EF or PL mount, which can be swapped easily using Scarlet-X’s interchangeable lens mount system. Panavision, Anamorphic, and Nikon lenses are also compatible with the camera, providing ultimate freedom when it comes to creative decision-making. The addition of HDRx reaches up to 18 stops of dynamic range, bringing digital images closer than ever to the natural perception of the human eye.

With the innate ability to capture 5K REDCODE RAW stills and true 4K motion footage, Scarlet-X produces visually lossless files that can easily be graded and finished. Combining all of the finest qualities of cinema and photography into one camera, Scarlet-X allows the customer to have the best of both worlds. Compromise nothing. Shoot everything.

With 4K video from 1-30 fps and burst modes up to 12 fps at 5K resolution, it enables users to capture motion footage and still content simultaneously.

RED's shipment Includes:
- SCARLET-X brain
- Al Canon Mount
- DSMC SSD Side Module
- DSMC Side Handle
- RED PRO 5” Touch LCD (comes with 7” LCD/EVF Cable and RED MicroFiber Bag – Medium)
- 1 REDMAG 1.8" 64GB
- RED Station 1.8"
- AC Power Adaptor (DSMC)
- DSMC Travel Charger

Please be informed that A.F. Marcotec is not a RED reseller. Purchasing RED products through unauthorized resellers voids the warranty on your equipment. This news is only a product specific information of the RED Scarlet. Please visit the manufacturers homepage to get more information about RED products!

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