A.F. Marcotec: New Firmware V1.10 for PMW-F3 now available

Sony PMW-F3K-det

A.F. Marcotec informs: NEW V1.10 Firmware for the Sony PMW-F3

The PMW-F3 Firmware Version 1.10 download is available on the Sony ServicesPLUS website free of charge, and needs to be installed on the camera before installing the CBKRGB01 (RGB/4:4:4 and S-Log) option. If your camera already has the 1.10 firmware installed on it, then all you need to do is order the CBKRGB01 Upgrade Kit which will come on an SxS card to be transferred to the camera.

Some important notes about the 4:4:4 option:
When you open the packet, the upgrade software will be on an SxS card. The file won't be viewable by any other source except the camera. (For example if you connect the SxS card to a PC, the PC will not recognize it) Once you insert the SxS card into the camera, it will allow you to transfer the upgrade and then the card will become usable as a regular SxS card. Transferring the file will require a 4 digit pass code. If the pass code is changed from the default, you must remember the new pass-code.

The upgrade file will »live« on the camera until it is manually removed back to an SxS card. Once it is removed, that SxS card will not be usable as a storage device until the option is moved back onto a camera again. Also, if the camera is sent to a Sony Service Center, you must provide the 4 digit pass-code to ensure the upgrade option is secured by the service technicians.

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