EdgeBox by PlayBox Technology


PlayBox Technology’s ability to offer complete, reliable broadcast workflows at IT prices is an essential part of EdgeBox. EdgeBox provides a tapeless file-based operation that has two parts: one integrated with the broadcast centre and the other at the remote site. At the broadcast centre it is fully integrated into the current or preferred systems including traffic, storage, MAM, ingest, transcoding and file transfer systems, or PlayBox Technology can provide these. This connects to the new remote EdgeBox site’s playout equipment via the public internet – making a huge cost saving over the traditional dedicated fibre or satellite links.

Remote Media Format
The media format used at the remote location can be decided on a number of factors such as the amount of new media per day, the bit rate chosen for playout and the available internet capacity. MPEG2 IBP at 10Mbps is often chosen, however H.264 at 4Mbps or less is also chosen as a very good alternative. The chosen bit rate chosen is the customer’s choice.

Your EdgeBox
No two EdgeBoxes are alike. Every broadcaster has its own requirements and PlayBox Technology can design, supply and install each system according to customers’ needs. Integration with the existing broadcast systems is essential. One focus is format compatibility where, for the cleanest operation, EdgeBox must be able to work directly with the existing ‘house’ formats – one of the areas where PlayBox Technology excels.
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